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Cupcake Cardigan Clips - Discontinued

Jubly Umph (Discontinued)

Cupcake Cardigan Clips - Discontinued

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These 50s inspired cardigan clips from Jubly Umph feature: 

  • 2 cupcakes with pink frosting in a blue muffin case with a cherry on top! 
  • a double chain strung between the cupcakes, and 
  • strong alligator clips at the back, to hold them securely in place, without putting any holes in your genuine vintage or retro inspired clothing. 

How to wear them

  • These can be worn as sweater guards, to hold an open cardigan or bolero in place or clipped to the collars of your shirt as a cute decoration. 


  • Clips: 30mm.  
  • Chain Length: 140mm. 

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