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Steampunk Studded Bag Holster Belt in Brown

Restyle (Discontinued)

Steampunk Studded Bag Holster Belt in Brown

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This steampunk inspired unisex belt from Restyle features: 

  • a flat, flexible bag with an assortment of D rings and straps that can be attached in a variety of combinations, 
  • a smaller pouch on the front of bag with 2 compartments, one zippered and the other with a magnetic flap for easy access, 
  • made of vegan friendly faux leather, 
  • with decorative and functional buckles, pyramid shaped studs, and grommets. 

How to wear it

    • Makes a unique (and useful!) addition to any Steampunk, Victorian Goth, or Cosplay outfit. 
    • The best thing about this nifty belt and bag combo is that it allows you to enjoy your day or night out without babysitting a handbag or worrying about losing your cards, cash or mobile phone! 
    • You can wear this belt in a huge variety of combinations, strapping the bag to your thigh for a more secure fit. 

    Fitting advice

    One size fits all.

      The bag measure 22cm x 22cm.

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